Welcome to Rajiv Malhotra’s Bharatiya portal

Rajiv is a very influential personality with ground breaking ideas and thoughts which he takes to the people in such an engaging manner that his popularity has increased by leaps and bounds. Single handedly, he has attracted the attention of a large demography of Bharat with his musings and insights on how and where the civilizational discourse about Bharat is and where it needs to be taken. His ideas resonate with the aspirational class of Bharat, particularly youngsters.

However, Bharat being a country with so many diverse languages, the request from his follower base to make available his ideas in the Bharatiya regional languages is a long standing one. This site attempts to address some of those requests. We try to bring to you Rajiv’s ideas and thoughts in your own language so that you are able to understand and grasp the nuances therein completely and comfortably.

At the moment our capacity is limited and we will publish articles only in those languages where we have resources to help us. In the long term, our endeavour is to reach every nook and cranny of this vast land that is Bharat with Rajiv’s ideas, in order to build the new Bharat that will take its rightful place in the world.

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